Shangri La Casino Network is recognized in the countries where it operates

Бизнес >> 17.09.2018

Shangri La is the name of a casino network located in the CIS. It includes four premium complexes in the capitals of Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus. All institutions operate in a VIP niche and are geared towards serving foreign guests. The network is managed by Storm International, Darren Keane is the CEO.

The brand has a number of features and developed strict rules, which provided Shangri La with a good reputation and respect from the guests. The network was founded in 1992 in Moscow, and for more than 25 years a corporate policy has been developed that ensures fair play and maximum comfort for visitors. These efforts were noted not only by visitors, but also by companies that monitor the quality of work.

Shangri La Minsk is the best casino in Belarus for 5 consecutive years

At the moment, Shangri La Minsk is the oldest casino in the network. It was opened in 2009, immediately after the disbandment of the Moscow unit due to changes in Russian legislation. Minsk casino absorbed all the best of Shangri La Moscow, and also preserved almost all regular visitors.

Confirmation of the quality of work is the award "Choice of the year", received by the casino for 5 years in a row. Independent experts acknowledge that Shangri La Minsk is the best gambling establishment in Belarus.

Shangri La Tbilisi - the best casino in Georgia for 2 consecutive years

The casino in Tbilisi is younger, but no less luxurious than Minsk. Exclusive complex is located in a picturesque place of Tbilisi, offers all the popular games, rest in the VIP club, games with high stakes, excellent cuisine and much more.

Within two years, noted Darren Keane, Shangri La Tbilisi was awarded the "Golden Brand" award, which is also the recognition of the gambling house as the best in the country. And in 2017 the number of guests increased by 20%.

Shangri-La Yerevan - doubling of attendance for the year

The Shangri La Armenian branch is one of the most elegant casinos in the country, as well as the most popular gambling complex. During 2017, the unit showed an increase in attendance of almost 50% due to well thought-out management.