The reasons for the success of the Shangri La brand in Armenia

Аналитика >> 13.07.2018

By results of 2017 it became clear that Shangri La casino is one of the most successful in Yerevan and in general, in the country. Operational results of 2017 were 48% higher than in 2016. The company has significantly increased the number of visitors to the establishment, as well as increased profits of the company Storm International (Michael Boettcher is the founder).

Considering the phenomenon of Shangri La, experts note several strengths. The most obvious external factors: beautiful design, comfortable atmosphere, and a wide range of games. But the location in one of the most elegant hotels in Yerevan plays an important role too. Also of great importance is the impeccable reputation of the brand, which has been working for more than 25 years in the post-Soviet space.

The founder of Shangri La, Michael Boettcher, also emphasizes the strength of the management team, the principles of fair play, and the care of the personnel. The brand cares not only about the benefits for themselves, but also the guests.

An exceptional feature of the Yerevan casino is a wide range of opportunities for visitors. So, for all types of games, there are draws of additional prizes here. Shows and events with valuable prizes are well-recognized features that allow to combine the game with a pleasant rest.

Also, Shangri La organizes individual junket tours for any number of days. At the same time, the personal manager takes care of planning and organization, starting from the road, finishing with food and an excursion program.