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Time-schedule of meeting with the stars of the
VIII trade show "Books of Russia"

9th to the 14th of March, Moscow, VVT

Hundreds of letters and thousands of phone calls from all over the world evidence the genuine and growing interest towards creative work of Sergey Yeremeyev and Andrey Tiunyayev. Both of them for long are named not simply popular, but the best among contemporary authors, addressing their books to preschool children. But where can you meet the literature stars who generously give their light to the children as well as to the grown-ups? Undoubtedly, at the regular trade show "Books of Russia"! From the 9th to the 14th of March. In the capital of our motherland - Moscow.

Pavilion 57 of the All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVTs), stand В-10 of "In" publishing house

1. Andrey Alexandrovich Tiunyayev will be positioned as the founder of a new fundamental science - Organismica. He will keep his promise to the numerous readers of his books, and also will autograph the new copies of his monograph to all those who wish:

  • At the 9-th of March by 15:00
  • At the 13-th of March by 13:00
  • 2. Andrey Tiunyayev, being the children’s poet, the initiator of creating the largest book in the world, will meet mums and dads, grandmas and granddads:

  • At the 10 of March by 15:30
  • At the 11 of March by 15:00
  • At the 13 of March by 15:30
  • 3. Sergey Yeremeyev – creator of over thirty poetical ABC-books, memorized by heart instantly, will be present at the same stand, but at other time:

  • At the 10 of March by 14:30
  • At the 12 of March by в 15:00
  • At the 13 of March by в 14:30
  • Attention!

    Russian journalists and representatives of foreign mass media may get informational materials at any time about the world record - "THE LARGEST BOOK FOR KIDS IN THE WORLD" - at the stand В-10 of the Eighth National Book Trade Show from the 9th to the 14th of March in pavilion 57 of the All-Russia Exhibition Center.

    The information packet includes:

    1. CD containing the materials related to creation of the largest book in the world and about its authors – initiator of the record Andrey Alexandrovich Tiunyayev, Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, Sergey Vasiliyevich Yeremeyev and Vladimir Alexandrovich Stepanov. Publication and photographic materials about the books issued by "In" publishing house.
    2. Printouts of the materials.
    3. Advertising booklets of "In" publishing house.
    4. Photos from the unique album about creation of the largest book in the world with autographs of its authors.
    5. Presentation copies of the books.

    [Reference note. Information about the largest book in the world was spread by the leading television channels in Russia and world over, in particular, by CNN; by popular radio stations, by influential newspapers: "Trud", "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", "Moskovskiy Komsomolets", "Parlamentskaya Gazeta", and others.]

    Organizing Committee

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